4 tips to choose a suitable wine for your dinner

24 April, 2018

To choose a wine to accompany your dinner can be a complex task, especially given the number of factors involved in making a good choice, as the type of wine, Winery, grape, vintage year, pairing, among other things.

However, although this is a complex issue where there are no exact rules, there are some general guidelines that can help you make the selection of the ideal wine for every occasion. Bellow we’ll give you some tips to consider:

  1. The pairing: this refers to the selection of the type of wine depending on the food that will be consumed. The idea is that the selected wine must enhance the flavor of the dish, and vice versa. There are many types of wine and many types of food, but a simple rule is as follows: white wines go better with white meat (fish, shellfish, poultry, etc.) and red wines with red meats (meat, lamb, etc.).  The rosés tend to go well with both types of meat, provided that they are not very fatty meats… and champagne is always welcome with everything!
  2. The body of the wine: The body commonly refers to the complexity of the wine. This will depend on the type of grapes, production process, aging time, level of alcohol, among others. However, as a general tip, you could say that white wines tend to be softer and easier to take than red wines.   Similarly, among the red wines, the reserve and grand reserve, for having a longer period of aging, tend to have more body, more aromas and a stronger taste than the table wines (which are younger).  Therefore, if you like lighter wines ask for a white wine or table wine; if you, on the other hand, like the full-bodied wines, ask for a reserve or grand reserve.
  3. Which wine to pick in a hot or cold climate?: Most of the red wines are designed to be drank at temperatures usually around 17° C, while white and rosé wines at temperatures below 12° C that’s why whites are the most desirable in hot climates, while the reds in colder climates.
  4. Price: The price of the wine is a benchmark, but it is not an absolute determinant of the quality of the same. We must remember that there are categories which define the production process of each wine according to the use for which it was created.  For example there are wines for everyday consumption such as the table wines, which tend to be cheap and of low-complexity (but not bad); there are other more elaborated wine as well, for a more selective consumption, such as the reserve or grand reserve wines.  Here again, the tip is to choose a wine according to the importance of the occasion, and why not, the scope of your pocket.

These are just a few tips that can help you in your selection, however, as a popular saying tells us: “The best wine is the one you like”.  We invite you to consult our wide selection of wines and enjoy an unforgettable dinner in our Mira Olas restaurant at the Best Western Kamuk Hotel & Casino, Quepos, Costa Rica.

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