13 free activities for half-year vacations in Quepos

15 June, 2017

The school system in Costa Rica consists of 200 days, starting on Monday, the second week of February and ending on Friday, the third week of December. From the 1st of July to the 15, there is a break to enjoy a mid-year vacation. Many families take a trip to the beach or to other tourism places, or take this opportunity to visit their family and to leave the routine. The more adventurous ones take their snorkel and share quality moments with their children.

If you want to visit Quepos and do not have a car, we provide you here with a guide on how to get there by bus.

Mid-year vacation in Quepos, Costa Rica

For those planning a mid-year vacation in Quepos, we offer here a list of 13 places that you can go free of charge.  We are sure that in each one of these places you’ll get a high level of satisfaction as well as memories that will accompany you forever.

1. The Photographic Location

When you enter the center of Quepos, by the new two-way bridge from where you can see the beautiful view of the sea, you will also find the “Rotulo”, as we called it. The Photographic Location is a metal structure with the letters “QUEPOS”,  and this place has become the obligatory stop for that special picture that everyone want to share in their social media. It does not matter if you arrive at night, as the sign is illuminated.

Vacations in Quepos, Costa Rica

2. The Malecon (the seawall)

It starts at the Photographic Location and extends for 500 meters. It is a nice place to walk next to the Quepos Bay. This is where local and foreigners meet every summer afternoon to watch the sunset. The street is close for vehicles which allows families to walk or run freely, some practice skateboarding or ride their bikes.

Enjoy the beaches of Quepos, Costa Rica

3. The Marina Pez Vela

Is the home of over a hundred yachts, sailboats and the famous Ocean King catamaran. The entrance to the marina is free. If you go by car you can get into the indoor parking just after the guard’s post.  Just say that you are there to consume and they will let you get in. At the marina, besides watching the boats, you’ll also find restaurants, ice cream shops, souvenir shops, a supermarket and a pharmacy (hospital).

Each year, 60 teams from all over the world arrive at Marina Pez Vela to compete in the offshore world sport fishing tournament.

Deep sea fishing in Quepos, Costa Rica

4. Nahomi Tourist Destination

When leaving the marina, turn right towards the fence at the end of the street, and before getting to the entrance of the pier, turn left. Nahomi Tourist Destination was many years ago, the public swimming pools of the quepeños. On weekends, locals not only went to enjoy the pools but also the nice views of the coast of Quepos. Now it is a small park with a playground and a sidewalk from where you can appreciate the beautiful views.

Enjoy the beaches of Quepos, Costa Rica

5. The pier of Quepos

It is managed by Incoop and they do not let you in, but you can get to the gate and from there see the artisanal fishing boats, some already back and others that just started their journey of up to 30 days of deep sea fishing. You can also visit the Copaza Theater where cultural events by local and national artists are presented.

Places to visit in Quepos Costa Rica

6. The National Coast Guard Academy

It is located in the famous “American zone”, in front of the old hospital of Quepos. The National Coast Guard Academy can inform you about the history of the American Zone and about the important work they do to safeguard our seas and coasts.

Visiting Quepos for your mid-year vacation in Costa Rica

7. The Quepos Park

Located just 100 meters from the Best Western Hotel & Casino Kamuk, the park has green areas and benches where the quepeños meet to share stories and experiences. At the end, you will find a playground for children under the age of 10, and in front, the supermarket Consucop, where you can get bottled water or juices for the children.

Mid-year vacation in Quepos, Costa Rica

8. The Quepos Market

Next to the bus stop, the Quepos market has, on the left side, sodas (small restaurants) where to eat. Inside, a place called Rapipagos (where you pay for public services), a bazar, a shoe repair shop, the Martec fish market and a small restaurant that sells a very good ceviche of Piangua, shrimp or fish. On the right side there’s a jewelry shop, a watches shop, another bazar and the famous Maru Store, where you’ll find the beach items you need, in case you forgot them at home.

Free tourist attractions in Quepos, Costa Rica

9. The Farmer’s Market

At the right side of the park of Quepos, on Fridays, from 4 pm you can find some chinamos (tends) installed; from 6 to 9 pm is the peak hour in the farmer’s fair. The next day, on Saturday, they start at 7 am and end around midday.

Free tourist attractions in Quepos, Costa Rica

10. The more than 15 beaches

Seems like a lie? But it’s the truth!  The entire canton of Quepos has more than 15 beaches to enjoy. Some are difficult to access but are frequently used by runners to train due to the broken terrain they have.  Other people make the effort to get to them because they recognize that when they arrive they will be sharing the beach with very few people. In a next article we will write the names of the beaches and how to get to each one… Wait for it.


11. The day in the river

The most recognized are: Cañitas (Anita), Naranjo, Gallega, Londres and Savegre, but we also have the Rio Cerros by the Midworld Canopy tour. During mid-year vacations it is very common to find hundreds of people around these rivers; whole families even camping, as in the Gallega river.

BTourist attractions in Quepos, Costa Rica

12. Fishing in the seawall stones (Malecon)

You don’t need to ask permission to throw the rope on the boardwalk of Quepos. Anywhere you can just go down the stones and hopefully you will get a red snapper or seabass for your evening meal. You can buy the ropes in ASOPROQUEPOS, a fishing store located next to the Restaurant Escalofrio. The bait is sold in the neighborhood pies mojados, 200 meters north of the Jabalí bar in Boca Vieja.

Vacations at the beach in Quepos, Costa Rica

13. Go for a walk or run

Bring the sneakers so you can enjoy most of the activities mentioned in this blog. We recommend that you wear your tennis shoes, one or two afternoons at 4 pm and head to the boardwalk. On Mondays and Thursdays, you can join the group of Quepos’ runners who start their training at the entrance of the Nahomi Tourist Destination at 4:30 pm.  But if you prefer to train early, you can join them on Tuesdays and Fridays at 5 am on the boardwalk (Malecon) of Quepos.

Free attractions to enjoy in Quepos, Costa Rica

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